Wednesday, October 18, 2006

C# Generics

A must read three part interesting blog on C# Generics by Charlie Calvert's Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3 and a great video on Generics from Anders Hejlsberg(he and his team developed C#)

Comparison of Visual Studio 2005 and Dreamweaver 8

I am an avid fan of DreamWeaver and I have being using it from the very first version. It is a great tool with Intuitive IDE and rich feature sets. Follow the link to compare both products features

Monday, October 16, 2006

Xtreme Programming - C# Test Driven Devlopement using Visual Studio Team Suite

Most Developers often thinks that their job is develop code and deliver it to the testing team for testing. The problem with this approach is more bugs and cost of quality is very high.

XP strongly advocates for Test Driven Devlopment, Practicing TTD (Test Driven Development) helps team to deliver high quality and mostly bug free product to the customer. In short it helps us to reduce rework and produce well documented test cases. Even team members can test the code without breaking it. The developers can refactor the code without affecting the core functionality later .

So how to Test
Basic steps are

  • Write a test to fail
  • Write a test to pass
  • Start over again.

Let us look at it how to TDD using Visual Studio Team Suite

More on this future

Other Testing Tools of Interest:

NUnit is open source unit testing framework devloped in C# based on JUnit/xUnits testing frameworks for .Net Languages. Nunit is Attribute based testing framework. which can be downloaded from